Portfolio Rebalancing Calculator

Select Quantity of Assets to Balance

The Mech Money portfolio rebalancing calculator is perfect for balancing your current index portfolio. Balancing your portfolio typically occurs once per year, however this can vary depending on your goals and objectives. Follow the instructions below to use the Portfolio Rebalancing Calculator.

Portfolio Rebalancing Calculator Guide

To use the portfolio rebalancing calculator, first select the amount of assets you have that you wish to balance. You can currently balance anywhere from 3 to 15 different assets. Select the “Next” button to proceed to the asset entering screen.

Money to be added or removed

The first field to fill out is called Total Amount Being Added / Removed. Place the amount of money you are adding or removing to your portfolio in this  field. You can choose a value between negative one million and one million. If you are just balancing the portfolio with no money added or remove, insert zero in to this field.

Entering an asset ID

Under ID you may place the asset ticker ID in order to track the asset in the calculation. This step is completely optional and you may omit this if you choose.

Entering the asset value

In the second column, enter the total value of one of your assets. If you have placed an asset ID in the first column be sure that your asset value corresponds to the correct asset ID. Your asset value must be placed in to each row under only one currency. It does not make sense to mix currencies while balancing your portfolio.

Entering asset target allocation

Under this column, enter the asset target allocation for each of the assets you have. Be certain that you place the correct allocation beside the correct asset ID or asset value.  The sum of all your weightings must equal exactly 100% or else the calculator will not compute anything and an error will be shown.

Calculate your new portfolio balance

Once you have a value under Money to be added or removed, column 2, asset value and lastly column 3, target allocation, select the balance my portfolio button.